Most people know by now that social media networks have a massive part to play in the online presence of any business. They are a great way to promote products or services and engage an audience for free, so we have compiled a Top Tip Guide for social media to help you and your business.

This month it’s Business Blogs!

    • Make sure you have varied content. This could include a mix of the following; helpful hints, links, case studies, research, statistics, how-to posts and even guest posts.
    • Don’t be too pushy with your products. Your blog should not be your main selling point but a place where readers can find posts that could actually be useful and interesting, encouraging them to come back and read more.
    • Answer questions. Take the time every now and then to answer customer questions. This is a great way to show you acknowledge your clients.
    • Keep it up to date. Posting regularly keeps your readers engaged and interested, whether it’s daily or weekly, be sure to keep it consistent.
    • Proof read! This is a simple tip but one of the most important. Get a colleague to take a glance over your draft if you’re not great at spotting your own mistakes.