Most people know by now that social media networks have a massive part to play in the online presence of any business. They are a great way to promote products or services and engage an audience for free, so we have compiled a Top Tip Guide for social media to help you and your business.

This month it’s Instagram!

    • Promote with a picture! Instagram is a great way to allow users to browse through your products, it’s almost like online shopping. If you are going to post pictures of items ensure it’s clear to the user which product you are promoting at that time. Not too much clutter, plain backgrounds and good lighting are key!
    • Behind the scenes. People love a good nose, so whether it’s your products being shot for a catalogue, you’re getting ready for a product launch or simply some pictures of your office and employees hard at work – take some snaps of what’s going on.
    • How it’s made. Nowadays people love to know where their products come from, how far it’s travelled and even who it was made by. If you can, try and offer some ‘from start to finish’ pictures that will cure the curiosity of your customers.
    • Filters, filters, filters. Obviously one of the biggest features with Instagram is its filters, but don’t get too carried away! Everyone loves a good filter but remember when promoting a product, clients and customers want to see a realistic portrayal of what you’re selling. So while every now and then it’s fine to use a filter try stick to that get that good old ‘hashtag nofilter’.
    • Hashtagging! This is the best way to get your business noticed. When posting a picture be sure to add a couple of hashtags to summarise what is in the photo. This way when users search for specific things your photo will show up. Don’t get too carried away though, try limit each photo to under 5 hashtags.