We’re delighted congratulate Grant, one of our talented Developers, in successfully completing his L4 Software Developer Apprenticeship. Grant has been working for the past year to improve his skills in creating dynamic user interfaces, coding in ASP.NET MVC, testing and implementing structured code language, building websites and further developing 4fx’s own easy to use content management system. The qualification ‘puts you through all the different stages of the software development lifecycle. It takes you right from gathering the information from the client, all the way to deploying and providing support for the finished product.’

Nurturing our employees means that we and they take greater pride in what they do, one of the benefits of working with a more intimate team is that we can really listen to their needs and wants and find the best solution for them personality. We have previously helped other members of our team not only with Software Development but with business administration and marketing courses and continue to develop the skill sets within our team.

In turn, allowing our staff the freedom to learn and develop means these new skills get transferred onto you as the client. This allows us to create more solutions with a better lead time and to work collaboratively to create more extensive solutions to your business needs. Grant has been with 4fx Design and Multimedia for over 18 months now and fits perfectly within the team under Adam, our Lead Developer’, and he’s been going from strength to strength with developing his skills and capabilities.

The qualification itself encourages Apprentices to gain an insight into the theory of the software development lifecycle, to learn a coding language that is of benefit to them and the business, and create a portfolio of skills in real world scenarios. The qualification finally culminates in a 5 day long open exam and a final interview to display all skills and techniques learnt within the course.

In the future Grant looks forward to getting involved in some more of CodeHub 200’s (the Software Development Division of 4fx) projects including some of the more advanced web systems which provide innovative solutions to comprehensive business systems. He wants to build up his experience in the industry as a whole before finally specialising into something more focused on AI or VR and virtual systems which 4fx are getting more and more involved with.

If you’d like to know more about what CodeHub 200 and 4fx Design and Multimedia can offer you in terms of Software Solutions, Apps, Websites and Marketing you can get in touch with us by calling: 01908 375200 or email us at: getintouch@4fx.co.uk