The global pandemic which is COVID-19 has seen 2020 turn into something reminiscent of a dystopian, end of the world kind of film you might find lurking on Netflix.

The business world as we knew it has drastically changed and we’ve seen a seismic shift to home and remote working, online meetings and virtual interactions, with “Can you hear me?”, replacing “Hello” as a standard greeting and Lockdown’ becoming the Oxford Dictionary’s word of 2020.

However, it is not all negative. Far from it. There have been some significant positives to come from the pandemic that will shape the future for the better, particularly from the point of view of advancing digital transformation.

As a long established small business, we’ve been fortunate enough to weather the storm fairly well so far. At 4FX we support others with graphic design, web/app development and marketing , so the shift to online has not had the negative effects on us suffered by many industries, for which we are eternally grateful.

With support from our team, loyal clients and the government furlough scheme, we’ll hope to stay strong through this year and are already ready to focusing on 2021. And, on another positive note, through the lockdown period we have also seen a significant increase in en-quires to our software division, CodeHub 200.

Julie King, Director at 4FX said: “We’ve had an increase in enquiries of more than 200% to our software division, CodeHub 200, compared to the same period last year. People have taken this time in lockdown to find efficiencies in their business and some have found more time and headspace to focus on business improvement projects.

“The rapid uptake in technology and remote working has made people focus on the doing things more efficiently or finally getting round to that ‘big’ idea that they have been thinking about for ages. Some people are taking advantage of technology grants and government in-vestment, while others are looking to improve efficiency or employee experience.

“Enquiries have been for a number of things including bespoke software to improve secure data collection and analysis, apps for field based teams and new IT systems automate re-porting for business intelligence. It’s not sector specific either, interest is coming from many different industries such as recruitment, healthcare and agriculture.”

The 4FX and CodeHub 200 teams put the rise in enquiries down to the growing need for se-cure data, efficient systems and the desire to streamline business processes. If that is some-thing that resonates with you and your business, why not drop us line for a chat?

Contact us at or call London: 0203 476 5378 or Milton Keynes: 01908 369744