Spotlight on 4FX co-founder

In March, to mark International Women’s Day 2024, our co-founder and chief designer spoke to UK News Group about her career highlights, what she’s learnt over two successful decades in business and what the future holds for the 4FX team.

Here’s some snippets from the article…

Tell us a little bit about your business…
We began as a graphic design, web and marketing agency, offering a range of client services.

Over the past twenty or so years, I guess you could say we’ve evolved into a tech company. Now, we offer a full range of on and offline services, from graphic design for online and print, websites, apps, web and cloud-based systems, website domains and hosting, search engine optimisation and much more.

While design is still at our heart with User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) always a priority, we offer digital skills across a wide range of services to help our clients reach their customers more effectively.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges in your industry?
The pace at which the sector moves is phenomenal, and keeping up with new technologies is always a challenge but it’s something we’ve got used to over the years.

To be successful in this industry, you have to keep adapting and evolving to deliver the best service to your clients – mostly these changes are for the better.

What’s the biggest business mistake that you’ve learnt from?
Not everybody wants the same thing from a job, so you need to listen to employees and understand what makes them tick.

We’ve been employing people for over 20 years, so it really does come from a place of experience.


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